Over 24 years serving great northwest people and organizations, the principle location is Liberty Lake, WA. Agnew Consulting provides continuously improving quality planning and management service to individuals and organizations, business and government, in win-win relationships which benefit participants, their organizations, and community, while providing reasonable return on investment.



In 1990 Agnew Consulting began providing organizations with quality management planning and implementation.  Assisting people and organizations in their quest for performance excellence has always been the goal. 



Agnew Consulting clients are characterized by exemplary:

  • Clarity, commitment and support for organization goals

  • Employee satisfaction, morale and productivity

  • Customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty

  • Vendor, supplier, and community support

  • Service and product quality

  • Market share

  • ROI


"Agnew Consulting", "strategic planning and management"

Compatible, confidential, professional consultation.